53 State of Mind

My office, 53 State St in Boston affords me one of the best views in the entire city, maybe even the entire advertising world. I know this is a tall claim, but it’s gorgeous! My office moved from the Boston landmark the John Hancock tower just over a year ago. While there has been a bit of angst on behalf of the employees of my company, in general we love our downtown set up. I am one of the lucky few that has an impressive view of Downtown Boston, the Harbor, Logan Airport, and sometimes even the North and South shore on ultra clear days. 

Given that my “pod mates” and I have a firm hold on some very valuable real estate, we liken ourselves to company town criers. We announce any strange occurrences, whether it be a large boat pulling into port, snipers on the building next door, a practice fire drill going on at Logan airport, or even just a stray balloon floating into the abyss. 

Today, was no exception. I returned back to my desk today after a meeting with my boss to see a large cluster of people peering outside our large windows looking down at State St directly below us. What was unfolding underneath us was a massive amount of firetrucks parking and sending ladders up to a Boston office window. They also completely sectioned off one of the busiest streets in the entire financial district. 

We never formally found out what happened, but there are theories out there. Take a look below to see for yourself. 


I am going to start an office photo Flickr feed, so be sure to stay tuned to breaking news office pictures.


One response to “53 State of Mind

  1. Jillian Rugani

    We had a similar cluster of people peering outside the windows over at Mullen. Of course, we don’t have the same view but we heard the crazy sirens and could see some of the trucks. I wish I knew what the emergency was!

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