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Gen Y Flocks to Twitter

This morning I was going through the motions of my morning ritual. Chatting with my fellow early riser and pod mate, Ross, getting my morning fill of Dunkin’ Donuts (thank goodness we have it on tap at work, total lifesaver!) starting up my outlook, and reading a few newsites as well as AdAge Daily to get my fill on industry news.

I a few interesting articles popping through news sites, but today this morning the most interesting thing I found was an article outlining how due to Facebook’s novelty wears off and recent trends in older demographics participating, Gen Y is now flocking to Twitter. The news is by no means shocking, but noteworthy for advertisers and brands targeting the elusive 18-25 demographic.

This summer I was happy to see a rise in big brands using twitter to tap into this younger demographic. The first that comes to mind is Best Buy for the TwelpForce campaign. While this is in no way targeted towards Gen Y, it’s impressive that such a powerhouse brand has gotten on board with Twitter. I do feel, however, that Gen Y is poised to participate with greater frequency than other demographics because of their likelihood to become an early adopter, vs older generations. If they’re already plugged in, why not make another connection? The extension of customer service from the actual store experience to a social networking site is impressive for Best Buy. It reminds me of Comcast and their impressive social networking adoption. On a much smaller scale, I’ve seen many colleges and local Gen Y hot spots get on board with Twitter. I love seeing both big and small brands engaging with the consumer, yet how many of these brands will make the right decisions when speaking to Gen Y? What Gen Y brands have you seen engaging in Social Media Best Practices, and why?

Thank you to @AYoungOne @SocialMedia411 for the informative tweets!


The Future of Advertising

A friend of mine that works at a KICK-ASS branding shop in Cambridge  was recently on a shoot for a high end, well known retail client (I always have to maintain a sense of mystery) when photographer and commercial director, Anne Menke weighed in on her vision for the future of advertising.

The following was an email that he wrote me:

She sees everything being online interactive videos. Brands actively interacting with consumers to build awareness and drive sales. Interactive videos where customers can click on outfits in motion and go straight to their cart.

I stumbled upon an example of this in Burberry’s new push for their trench. The industry is calling this a step for Burberry into Social Influence Marketing to deepen its relationship with its customers, create brand advocates and attract new followers –

Here’s Burberry’s new website – The Art of the Trench:

Pretty interesting stuff.

It is, indeed, interesting stuff. What Anne mentions is not just a vision of the future of advertising, but the consumer experience, brand loyalty and self expression. Part of what gets me excited about the work of big brands dipping a toe into the social/emerging media pool is the opportunity for a two way discussion. Some brands miss the mark entirely and completely crash. Others, however, subtly connect with their brand loyalists and deepen the loyality and devotion to a particular product and lifestyle.

Anyway you slice it, we’ve come a long way from the print ads that most fashion brands entrusted as their primarily form of advertising. Traditional advertising will never die (completely), but the consumer’s ability to interact with brands large and small will only continue to grown.

Now, all I have to do is be a part of it!